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Keeping up with Microsoft

December 7, 2006

We’ve been attempting to push out a shared solution for CMS and SharePoint Portal since I took this position, hmm, wow, over two years ago.  It’s not so much that it took me that long to load the software on the server, get a vision written, and get a customer base interested in the product–that was easy.  It was getting past the politics of my own department–the MIS Department.

Now, here we are in December of 2006 and MOSS 2007 is knocking on the door (it’s loaded in a test lab already) and I’ve been asked to write up the presentation and information to roll SharePoint out–SharePoint 2003.

So, a rock and an outdated place–roll out an old technology that doesn’t integrate into some of the new .NET 2.0/3.0 technologies I’m working on for other projects or wait until 2007 is feasible and chance that team technologies falls out of favor again?

That’s today’s internal debate.

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