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December 18, 2006

I spent the past week attending the new Data Access MSFT courses (2541 and 2542)–for both reiteration and networking purposes.   Many of the overall concepts were familiar as I had used them in prior projects or stumbled across them while attempting to solve a problem. However, as with any formal training, having abit of guidance can really clear up some things.

This was the case for these two classes.  Our instructor, Paul Elias, was fantastic.  His ability to convey both the course material and the real world uses of the tools made the courses truly worthwhile.  The material itself was useful and will make good reference materials.

The only downfall to the week was the pace.  2541 is eight hard and grinding modules long.  The labs tally to 855 minutes of ‘estimated completion time’, or 14.25 hours.  You figure there’s only 7 hours of work time per day, leaving very little time for spending too much time on a particular lab, lecture, or exploration.  2542 was similar with six modules.  My recommendation to the Learning team at MSFT would be to increase both of these classes to week longs to allow more time to the labs and Q&A with the instructors.  Lecture isn’t necessary, but learning takes time.

I’m slated to take the two UI classes, Web Applications Advanced and Core, after the holiday break in January.  Hopefully, by then, I’ll have enough background to knock out my two Technical Specialist certification tests and can start hammering away at the Professional Developer exam.

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