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New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2007

Reading though many of the blogs, I’ve noticed everyone has a different approach to summarizing their new year goals.  My favorite has been Bil Simser’s “letter to yourself” approach.  So here it goes.

Dear David,

Congratulations on your recent graduation ceremony–acquiring your Masters degree and maintaining a 4.0 is quite the accomplishment.  The continued drive to learn is something to cherish.  I look forward to attending your doctorate ceremony in the coming years.

Within the office, you’ve given a great deal to the district this year.  This year, you managed to forefront the rollout of not only the concept of SharePoint, but also the software itself–giving our users a much needed, and valued, productivity tool in MOSS 2007.  The leadership committees continue to be amazed at how seamlessly your prior applications now tie into the Portal.

Your work on the creation and implementation of a central web vision and strategy, rollout of a standardized programming framework for all custom applications, and other process and quality improvement efforts are all greatly appreciated and we look forward to continious improvements in 2008.

Between work and school, I’m glad you had time to take a few vacations–seeing both coasts–and attending various Microsoft and developer events around the midwest.  Time away from the office to both network and recharge can be just as productive as hardcore coding.

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2008!

So, yeah, stream of thought typing.  I’m horrid at the self-praise thing… and so it seems mushy and stuff… and my leadership team would never write something like that.  LOL.  On the flip side, it’s a neat way to document what you HOPE to finish within the year–and beats the mundane checklist.  I have enough of those sitting around anyway. Oh, and it makes it harder to lie–no where in there did it say I’d stick to my workout routine and lose 200 lbs (I would disppear, that’d be bad!), or save the world… or even remember to take my recycling up to the recycling center more often.  Heh.  Those ARE the big posties on my monitor. 🙂

Happy New Year and remember, you make the difference on whether or not it’s a good year–no one else!

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