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Battling Cox Communications

January 4, 2007

Unfortunately, Cox Communications has somewhat of a monopoly in the area–they’re our only HSI cable provider and, since they took over from Multimedia Cablevision (local guys) a few years ago, things have gone down hill.

Since November, we average around 900k throughput… instead of 3500k.  The cable modem, experiencing a plethora of T3 timeouts, constantly reboots itself and/or cannot reclaim a signal for sometimes hours.  All internet traiffic grinds to a hault, playing EQ2, if you ask most anyone in my guild, is dangerous (I lag into large rooms of enemies, pull them all, then go linkdead and disappear–thus leaving the rest of the group to deal with the zone that I just pulled), and VPN between my office and home is almost unusable.

So what has been done?  Well, they’ve checked my house over… inside, outside, the pole, the main tap at the corner of the block… nearly two dozen times.  We even had two field supervisors out at the house on Christmas Eve, but no resolution yet. We’ve heard it all–the signal is fine, but your speed is bad (duh), there’s old wiring in the area (so fix it!), they’re putting in telephone service (well, I’m sure as hell not subscribing!); but no one has come to a resolution–yet.

Today, however, we found out something new.  A technician and a supervisor spent most the mid-morning running various speed tests using their computers, their new line from the pole, and their modem–same issue.  So, yet another workorder was called in for the main line crew to “not rest until the problem is solved”.   Riiight.

About 5:00 PM, the crew was out here and dinked around with the main tap, the pole in our backyard, and in the house until amost 7:00 PM.  This technician’s modem, however, was pulling nearly 11000k–far above our even expected (we have preferred service, not premier) 3500k.  He even hooked it up to the computer upstairs and proved it–then claimed it’s either a) a bad modem (we have a newer Surfboard 5120), b) our router (but he verified the issue exists by unplugging the router, so that seems unreasonable), or c) the wiring in our house.  He packed up after that and left.


So wait… the three supervisors and like a bazillion technicians out here had no clue what they were doing when they tested the house, the modem, the signal and determined it was down the line at the tap?   So, a quandry now… do I go out and buy a new modem and spend a weekend recableing my house or do I just keep complaining (neither seem fun or productive at this point)?  

More on this drama to come!

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  1. Fritz Laurel
    June 16, 2007 at 4:50 pm

    So, what ever happened with this?

    Seems like that last technician would have to have followed through and determine which of the 3 was your problem.


  2. June 16, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    The end result appeared to be at the neighborhood drop box; after replacing several components that were rusted through, the signal has kicked up to about 8mb down, 1mb up. It’s still flaky when it rains–it appears whatever components they use are not very rust proof… or that’s a standard line they’re feeding us. If we call and complain, a tech comes out, goes to the box at the end of the block, swaps out some couplers and a PCB, and everything’s dandy again until the next big rain.

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