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Managing Work[]

January 13, 2007

Heh, work is an array (hence the [], those I should update my internal logic and make it an IList or something) of various tasks, responsibilities, and requirements.  Over the past five years, the tasks for work have changed over and over again and I find myself, most days, doing less and less core work (programming, network management) and more and more balancing on a high wire.  I came across this sign while trying to find a template for MS Project. I couldn’t find the author, but I totally need to post it up at work.

 To be a perfect project manager…

… all you have to do is have the intelligence of Einstein, the patience of Job, the integrity of a Supreme Court judge, the negotiating skills of a Mongolian horse trader, the savvy of James Bond, the appeal of Marilyn Monroe, the charisma of Sir Ralph Richardson, the communication skills of Tom Peters, the ideas of Stephen King, the planning skills of Colin Powell, the personal drive of Bill Gates, the financial acument of Alan Greenspan, the skin of an armadillo, and the ego of Mother Teresa.

Now, that’s making a LOT of assumptions (both about you and I and about those mentioned); however, the general message, even without the individual reference is that being a project manager (either for yourself or an enterprise) requires more than technical or managerial skills–but a vast array of skills to understand yourself, your project, your peers, your environment, and your customers.

So, anyone know a Mongolian horse trader?  🙂

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