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AJAX 1.0 Odd Errors

January 26, 2007

So, I finally upgraded to v1.0 from the RC for AJAX… and decided to use it in my latest project.  The joys of odd errors.

Excitement #1. While running, I noticed that I had a Sys javascript error.  Ehh.  Okay, I know Sys.WebForms is the object that AJAX uses, so perhaps there’s something wrong with the control.  I removed and readded the controls.  No dice.  On a last ditch effort, I copied my custom web.config tags to another file and copied the original web.config from source control (aka: the web.config that comes with the AJAX-Enabled web site project).  Copied my custom tags back in, and it worked.  I ran a file-to-file comparison.. and there were no differences except a bit of spacing.  *sigh*

Excitement #2.


Hmm, well, I didn’t modify the response, have filters, or additional HttpModules… but Trace.IsEnabled was definately true.  Apparently (though not sure if this is a new ‘feature’ or not), trace logs + AJAX == fail.  Rather than being lazy and enjoying PageOutput, I simply change it to :

<trace enabled=true pageOutput=false />

and read the external file.

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