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Nested Master Pages and Design Time

January 29, 2007


Does that error annoy you when trying to use this cool feature of ASP.NET 2.0?

Yeah, me too.  I finally (got bored/had time/was unlazy enough) to Google and try to find a resolution to this and, of course, Scott Guthrie had the answer.   Now that I look at it, I can’t believe I spent time in the past just accepting that Source View was the only option. 

The tip/trick works by adding a base-page class to your project or solution that defines a new property called “RuntimeMasterPageFile” of type string. The base-class then overrides the page’s “OnPreInit” method and uses this property to set the Page object’s MasterPageFile at runtime:

ScottGu’s Blog : Tips for Nested Master Pages and VS 2005 Design-Time.

Thanks Scott for sharing!

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