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Googling for Fun and Profit

February 28, 2007

Well, maybe just for fun.  I am constantly battling a culture at work of people who hate finding something on their own—especially if they can email and ask someone and forget about it.  I was raised to be a fisherman (teach a man to fish concept) and love that the Internet allows us such quick access to information.  I tend to search for something and end up researching (or at least bookmarking) a couple other things that I didn’t intend to…

So, with Google, and since I use Google Docs, Search, Mail, and a few other things, I checked out my history.  Trends entertain me a great deal, so it’s interesting to see my own trends.

I’m wondering what was up in March and May… do I get smarter or just less inquisitive during those months?

Wow, I search a lot.

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