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Nocturnal Souls–Down, but not out!

February 28, 2007

A word from our EQ2 sponsors *grin*:

Nocturnal Souls is a two year old, level 60 guild on the Crushbone server. Not to long ago, we were successfully raiding KoS and making good progress into EoF. However, over the last few months, we have experienced a loss of players due to real life, other games, EQ2 burn out, etc.. We are working towards rebuilding our raid force from the ground up! It seems that many other guilds here on Crushbone have been experiencing similar problems so I’d like to extend an open invitation to join forces with us, whether you are searching for an alliance or just other people in your situation to raid with on occassion.

While we are in need of some specific classes, we are happy to consider anyone who may be interested in being a part of what we are trying to accomplish. Our ultimate goal is to forge ahead despite these setbacks and continue our progression through EOF raid zones. All classes level 65+ are welcome to apply as well as simply tagging along to kill some stuff. Feel free to contact Derahine, Sheeer or Stokeleigh in game if you’d like to know more about us or visit our guild homepage.

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