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EverQuest 2 and Vista Memory Issues

March 3, 2007

I had a few email me asking if I had come across any official announcements from SOE regarding Vista, compatability, and the memory (texture) errors that are occuring.  I have, but just as forum posts. If you would like to add your 0.02cp, check out these two threads: “Application Ran out of Memory” thread (applies to all operating systems, but appears to be common on Vista). “Application ran out of memory at []bytes” thread (specifically to Vista). How it was explained to me focuses on the video cards.  EQ2 “forgets” to take textures you are not using out of memory, so, after you run around for a while, EQ2 begins to take an unmanagable amount of memory (I crashed in Kelethin once and EQ2 was using 100% of my available memory–and I have 4GB total).

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