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XFi, nVidia 8800, Vista, and Crackling Sound…

March 8, 2007

I rebuilt my Dell XPS 710 H2C with the 64–bit version of Vista to do some testing and try my hand at some 64–bit .NET development while I had a bit of professional free time (inbetween everything else, in other words), and found a quite annoying ‘issue’.

As soon as I turned SLI, the sound went to *crackle* *snap* *pop*.  The Rice Crispies trio landed in my speakers and were singing a symphony.  Eh? 

A bit of googling found some interesting posts, though, odd because I never had this problem with the 32–bit version—or did I?

In x86, I couldn’t get INTO the NVidia Control Panel to turn SLI on.  Oh yeah!    So.  I went in, turned SLI off.  … … and no fix.

To get sound back, it required removing ALL NVidia software (graphics at 100.65, Nforce at 15.0), removing the Creative Labs XFi drivers, reinstalling the CL drivers, then the NVidia software—but not enabling SLI.

Here are a few posts discussing this issue.  They don’t all appears to relate to Vista, but interesting (and quite old none-the-less):





So far, everything works and the non-SLI mode seems to work fine (though defeats the purpose of two cards until my other monitor shows up).

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