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Listening to Pandora’s…. stream?

March 12, 2007

Apparently, when you open Pandora’s box, you hear music instead of the horrors of the human spirit.

Pandora, a project created by the Music Genome Project, provides listeners with a free (ad-driven, though not really annoying, from Chase), adaptive music experience… a simple, very cool Flash player that allows you to base music off of relationships and genres of selected artists, songs, albums, and such.  Kinda cool stuff.

So, here’s my customized profile and stations.  The ‘Music of the Coder’ shows what songs I’ve heard, what artists I like, and how it creates word association between the types of music.

Now, Yahoo tried to do this a few years ago with the Yahoo! Music project, but it would attempt to match general genres.  So, if I look at Linkin Park’s Meteora album, and the song Easier to Run, it classifies the song with the following characteristics:

a subtle use of paired vocal harmony
mild rhythmic syncopation
paired vocal harmony
minor key tonality
an emotional male lead vocal performance
electric pianos

Now, I’m not sure Chester was feeling so emotional at the time, but it’s still a much cooler breakout of criteria on music.  It also does pick out some interesting trends in the music I like.  I love the sound of pianos, especially in creative ways and in fast-tempo music.  Linkin Park and Dropping Daylight are good examples of this.  The rest of those characteristics sound nice, but require me to go look them up… but, ehh, sure, whatever.

It’ll be interesting.. I’ve been listening to Pandora for almost a week now, so it’s not real customized yet, but I have discovered a few songs and artists that I really do like… that I’d never heard of before.

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