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More Thoughts About SuperFetch and ReadyBoost

April 26, 2007

In the past week, I picked up a very sexy 4GB Jump Drive from Buy.com and decided to give ReadyBoost a try.  After having so much trouble with SuperFetch in the past, I decided to try to turn it back on WITH ReadyBoost and see how the performance handled.

From what I’ve found, SYSTEM performance is VERY nice and I’m sure that this is how Vista is meant to run.  Starting Visual Studio 2005, opening Internet Explorer, opening Outlook, even starting EverQuest 2, is instant.  Things just OPEN.

Now, the only caveat is that, as discussed here, is that EverQuest 2 is back to randomly crashing.  I’m pretty sure that the issue lies directly in EQ2’s issue handling memory and textures, but… it’s still a bother.

So, for those of you out there who even have quite a bit of memory (like 4GB), give ReadyBoost a try… I know I was surprised that the performance was THAT noticeable.

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