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Easing the Frustration of Long Predicate (.FindAll)’s

May 1, 2007

The quickest feedback from the consumers and tests of the framework I’m creating has been:

What is the syntax to use Find/FindAll again?  Why is it so confusing?

So, how can we make:

StudentRoster studentsInGrade9 =
StudentRoster(roster.FindAll(delegate(StudentRecord x) { return x.Grade.Equals(“09”); }));

Into something that’s a bit cleaner?

Static Methods!

Under the class (StudentRoster in this example), create a new method of type Predicate<objectType>.

public static Predicate<StudentRecord> GetByGrade(string grade)
return (delegate(StudentRecord x) { return x.Grade.Equals(grade); });

Now, we can call:

StudentCollection studentsInGrade9 =
new StudentCollection(collection.FindAll(StudentCollection.GetByGrade(“09”)));

My only question at this point is if I need to create a method for EVERY property or if there’s a way to do something like.

GetBy(StudentRecord.Grade, “09”)

Anyone out there have any ideas?

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