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Installing SQL Server 2005 Tools AFTER Visual Studio Orcas

May 11, 2007

NOTE: I’m not sure if this is an Orcas issue, a SQL Server issue, or just the joys of an installation’s mislead logic…

Now that my system is primed with Orcas as the primary development platform, I finished up by installing SQL Server 2005’s management console (OT /whine: I still miss Enterprise Manager a bit). 

*BOOM*  Error: Edition Change Check.  Ehh?  I’ve gotten this on Vista before, but never on XP Pro SP2.

Oddly enough, the same steps fixed the problem:

  1. Go into Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Find “Microsoft SQL Server 2005” and click ‘Change’.
  3. Select the radio button for the Client Tools ONLY—unless you want to get rid of SQL Express as well.
  4. Check both and remove the Workstation Components, etc.
  5. Rerun your SQL Server 2005 installation. 

You’ll still get the Edition Change Check error; however, instead of failing that there’s ‘nothing to do’, the installation will proceed normally and the workstaiton tools will install.

Note to Microsoft: The Edition Change Check is cool to help reduce mixed versions; however, there’s got to be a way to flag it that “HEY! I’m Visual Studio’s Express Edition—I’m not upgrading, I just want the tools to manage the other SQL Servers!”


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