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Theming without a Cause

May 23, 2007

So, I figured, “Hey! I like the new Ocean Mist theme, I’ll give it a shot!”  Bad move.  Cool theme, but too narrow and too large of fonts for source code.

The issue?  I didn’t bother to check to see if the theme I was using was still in the list… it’s not.  *sigh*

Please be patient while the blog goes through a multicolored adventure while I try to find something that doesn’t make me blind with color and is still readable for code and such… or I may end up getting beaten down and getting the extra “Edit CSS” package.  Grr.

Update [4:18 PM]: *twitch* Okay… wow, it appears that the DIV tags are named different theme-to-theme.  Fun times.  Anyway, back to Freshy; I like it and it looks clean given I can figure out how to widen it without breaking it.

I discovered that:

#page { width: 95%; } is a bad thing.  Yeah, don’t do that.

I also noticed, that, for some reason, if you look  at the right side of the navigation bar at the top; it’s broken at the end.  Ehh.. /sigh I wonder what broke that.  Oh well, something to dink with during vacation…

Update [ 2:12 PM]: Wild hair… editing again. 

Update [10:44 AM]: Okay, so, I like this theme. I broke down and bought the CSS editing and dinked with how code is rendered and the huge freaking banner at the top.  I like the little snippet of it, but the whole image of the pantone cards was a bit much.  As someone said, it adds color to the site.  Yay?  Anyway.  I’m still fighting with how <pre> tags are handled for code.  Also, if ANYONE knows how to make this page wider, please let me know.  800×600 ftl.

Update [9:00 AM]: Testing different format types.  Yeah..

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