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ReSharper v3.0 Beta — Ready for it?

May 31, 2007

I’ve been using the EAP of ReSharper v3.0 for quite a few builds now (loved it when the keys expired and no additional keys were available) and have been pretty impressed.  You can get the full details here on JetBrains website.

C# Code Analysis

  • The new C# code analysis is pretty neat; it takes the “you’re doing this wrong” into “you’re doing this an odd way that works.. but…”.  Nifty.

XML/XAML Support

  • Cool stuff, especially with Silverlight’s release.  I’ve got to get into doing more work with XAML.  I’m sure somewhere that’s a TODO that I’ve just misplaced. 

Smart TODO

  • Speaking of TODOs, the reason I loathed Visual Studio’s TODO list is that it never picked up on closed files or entire solutions when commenting with /// TODO:.  The new ReSharper version does (I haven’t dinked with this yet).  If it works, I can get away from manual comments in User Comments and back to real TODO comments.

Multiple Versions

  • With added Visual Basic support, you can now purchase the C#, VB, or both as separate editions.  Neat, but potentially costly if your C#’er ends up forced into a VB box and only has the C# edition.  I’ll probably get both—even though I try to avoid VB at all costs.

Cranky Whine aka Pitfalls?

  • This version does not support .NET 3.5 (or at least so far).  So, that leaves out Orcas.  I realize Orcas is still in Beta, but with it being out for so long and publicly tested via VM and now DVD release, I would have REALLY liked to see LINQ, DLINQ, and other 3.5 functionalities added into ReSharper 3.0.

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