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Acropolis – WPF Clients Made Easy?

June 7, 2007

Brad Abrams posted up information regarding Acropolis; a somewhat CAB-on-steroids for smart clients.  The concept appears to be to take the work off of developers shoulders in regards to presentation design and allow more focus on developing business logic and connecting that logic to modular components. 

Acropolis CTP 1 Download <— Remember, you must be running Orcas to install these bits.

Acropolis Forums

Digging through the existing forums, a few have asked what the difference between Acropolis and CAB/Smart Clients really are (besides the cool name and XAML support), Benjamin Wulfe, a Development Lead from MSFT responded:

The Acropolis framework is explicitly targetting CAB scenarios and is adding:

  • Full .Net Fx support.  The Acropolis framework (unlike the CAB) will be an integrated part of the .Net Client framework and will be a fully supported product.
  • First class support for a WPF front end — including new features such as pluggable transitions and themes and view switching.
  • Full VS/Tooling support.  We are building out a designtime experience.  We know the CAB is popular and powerful, but its lack of tooling can make it unapproachable for a large number of folks
  • Other new features — such as Xaml declarative support, document management and navigation.

I’m working up a virtual environment now to get this loaded up and start dinking with it on my free time (hah, right, what’s that?).  This will be a big jump for me as I haven’t worked much with the SCSF—most everything I do is ASP.NET/Web-centric.  Has anyone out there had time to install the bits and see how well it flows?

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