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MSDN Really Slow Search?

June 8, 2007

The new “MSDN” has been a dog… a slow, very tired, somewhat early-days-of-summer dog.  The new layout is an upgrade, for sure, but the interface and moving page-to-page is extremely slow.  To top it off, today, I hit it up and ran a simple query (it’s a long day already and I just couldn’t remember some of the control property syntax).  So, rather than Google, I set my IE7 search bar to MSDN and searched there.

Results 1-50 of approximately 81 for: “Web User Control” +properties (15.3 seconds)

MSDN Enhanced Search.

15.3 seconds.  On the web, that is a LIFETIME and my mind has already moved on to another tab or window to do something else.  I ran it a few more times to see if it was caching or anything useful, and it kept taking LONGER and returning the same amount of results.  Wow.  What about Google?

Personalized Results 150 of about 17,300 for Web User Control” +properties. (0.19 seconds)

Google Search.

Nuff said.

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