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AJAX Control Toolkit release 10606

June 11, 2007

The Control Toolkit team has released a new edition, build 10606, as of last Wednesday.  I’m pretty excited to see some of the changes (installing as I type this)… especially the Orcas functionality.  Awesome job, guys!

The goods:  AJAX Control Toolkit 10606

Version 1.0.10606.0Requires ASP.NET AJAX version 1.0

General fixes:

  • Design Mode support:
    • Tabs designer: Tabs control can be configured in the designer.
    • PageMethods in code-behind: Extenders that consume web services can now have PageMethods added to code-behind automatically when using the designer. A repair mode fixes existing PageMethods with incorrect signatures.
    • Control icons: Toolkit controls have more meaningful icons that show up in the Visual Studio Toolbox when the Toolkit DLL is added to it.
  • Dynamic context: Toolkit extenders that consume web services can now pass additional context beyond what is used by the default web service signature.
  • Validators and Toolkit extenders: Extenders that target TextBoxes with ASP.NET validators attached to them no longer interfere with the validation process.
  • Animation support: Toolkit controls that build on top of PopupBehavior now have generic animation support built in.
  • Script combiner: When the ToolkitScriptManager is used, Toolkit scripts are downloaded in a single, common JavaScript file instead of multiple files. This allows for faster downloads and fewer roundtrips. The combined file is generated dynamically depending on the controls being used on the page. All Toolkit sample pages use this new functionality.
  • Events support: Toolkit controls fire events for core actions. This is in part to make plugging in animation easier and also to allow users to hook into the various Toolkit controls’ behaviors and perform custom actions.
  • Bug fixes: This release includes fixes for over 120 issues tracked in the Toolkit Issue Tracker representing over 750 user votes.
  • Accessibility fixes: Slider and AutoComplete have support for high contrast and some controls like AutoComplete, NumericUpDown, CascadingDropDown and DynamicPopulate which issue XmlHttpRequests update a hidden DOM element to automatically refresh the JAWS screen buffer to reflect new data.

Control updates:

  • MaskedEdit extender works well with the Calendar extender and the ValidatorCallout extender when targeting the same TextBox.
  • AutoComplete supports scrolling in the fly-out, multi-word, first word default selection and it has animation built into it.
  • ModalPopup fix for most common scenarios involving absolute and relative positioning.
  • NumericUpDown has new Minimum and Maximum properties to restrict the range of numbers allowed.

Visual Studio Codename “Orcas” support:

  • The Toolkit DLL works with ASP.NET AJAX Orcas Beta 1 DLLs and there are no breaking changes. (yay!!)

Breaking Changes:

  • No breaking changes

Known Issues:

  • No new issues


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