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Aye, mate… we’re going on a Safari…

June 12, 2007

Okay, yes, that was lame.  It’s still early in the morning and I haven’t had NEARLY enough coffee.

I keep an eMac (educational version of an iMac) around so I can test various designs and such against it for compatibility.  Working in education, we do have a lot of Mac users both in the schools and at home, so our public image, at least, must be mostly Mac-compatible.  For the most part, however, we don’t worry too much since Safari has been so stable on the Mac platform—if it works in Firefox, it generally works in Safari.

But, Jobs felt the need to share the adventure with the rest of the computing world and released Safari 3 (currently in beta) for the Windows platform.  Cool… I think.  It saves me from testing multiple PCs (yay! I can kick the Mac off my desk!), but… ehh, I think I feel dirty now having it installed.

I will be honest though.  ClearType is 100% better (though I’m so used to the rough edges, it looks kinda wierd), but looks forced.  Things are too black, too heavy; at least in my opinion.  At least the dates on my blog aren’t broken like they are in IE7.  *laugh*

Current bugs (Windows XP SP2, Safari 3 Beta):

  • Anything hitting LDAP/kerberos authentication (such as SharePoint authentication, OWA, etc) crashes the application.
  • The asp:Menu object on sites, such as the Photo Gallery (http://photos.tiredstudent.com) do not expand and register onMouseOver events.
  • Google’s Gmail — Composing a new email just hangs the application.  I’m not sure if this is a JavaScript (ala AJAX) issue or what.
  • After the browser “hangs”, if you try to browse AWAY from that page and go somewhere else, ntdll.dll crashes.

It could be probably is that it’s Beta; it works just fine on the Mac version. 

Here’s a screenshot of the blog… take a gander or click here to download the new Safari 3 Beta.

Safari 3 Beta for Windows

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