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Oracle ODP Beta Released

June 15, 2007

I’m not quite sure HOW outdated I am, but Oracle has released a beta of their Oracle Data Provider toolkit for Visual Studio.  You can download it directly from Oracle here.

The “What’s New”:

Oracle Data Provider for .NET Features

  • Instant Client Support: Smaller ODP.NET client installation
  • User-Defined Types: Map Oracle objects and collections to .NET custom types and support REFs to object types
  • Process Database Down Events: ODP.NET automatically frees connections of a downed Data Guard instance
  • Windows-Authenticated User Connection Pooling: Windows-authenticated connections can now be pooled.
  • Connection Pool Performance Counters: Monitor connection pool status

    Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET Features

  • Visual Studio 2005 integration with Server Explorer, Data Sources Window, Dataset Designer, TableAdapter Configuration Wizard and more
  • Improved ASP.NET web developer support
  • Oracle Database script project to provide source control of Oracle scripts
  • SQL script editor
  • Built in support for executing SQL*Plus scripts
  • Explain plan support
  • Integration with Query Designer
  • New designer for granting/revoking privileges on schema objects
  • User-Defined Types: Create, explore, modify UDTs; custom class code generation for .NET applications
  • Data Window and Query Window enhancements

    Oracle Providers for ASP.NET Features

  • Membership Provider: Stores and retrieves registered user information in the Oracle database
  • Role Provider: Stores and retrieves user role information in the Oracle database
  • Site Map Provider: Stores and retrieves site map information in the Oracle database
  • Session State Provider: Stores and retrieves session state information in the Oracle database
  • Profile Provider: Stores and retrieves user profile information in the Oracle database
  • Web Events Provider: Stores and retrieves ASP.NET health monitoring event information in the Oracle database
  • Web Parts Personalization Provider: Stores and retrieves personalization data in the Oracle database
  • Cache Dependency Provider: Automatically invalidates ASP.NET cached data based on changes made to the base data in the Oracle database
  • Somewhat interesting, as I post this, I notice in the code (from copying that list across), is that the following bullet for the ODP features was commented out.  Perhaps something to look forward to in the next release…

    ADO.NET 2.0 Bulk Copy: Upload large data sets into Oracle from .NET RAC Faster Connection Failover: ODP.NET will more quickly clean up the connections to a downed RAC node

    The only catch during installation, so far, was this little screen… a reminder that is EASY to miss by “Next” syndrome:

    I’m leaving it to install (and running out the door before someone notices me), but will give it a test this upcoming week and we’ll see what’s changed and the performance differences.

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