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ReSharper and .NET 3.0+ Code – Support Coming Soon?

June 15, 2007

I’ve had a discussion back and forth (mostly regarding my own ignorance and being a version behind on the Beta) with Serge Baltic of JetBrains in the jetbrains.resharper.community newsgroup.  He left a final post to our discussion with a ray of hope for those of us excited about .NET 3.x functionality, but distracted by ReSharper screaming at us that we don’t know how to code.

This ReSharper release does not know anything about the C# 3.0 code. From its point of view, all the code is C# 2.0 (same for VB.NET). That’s why you can’t suppress the highlightings selectively.


You’re welcome 🙂 It’s not too long till a new EAP starts, and it will handle the new language features … stay tuned!

jetbrains.resharper.community: “Toggle Resharper Functionality for Orcas” on 6/15/2007.

While I didn’t expect them to turn a blind eye to the new features with them looming so close with Orcas and .NET 3.5 both in Beta, it’s nice to hear it directly—and be anxiously waiting for the new EAP to kick up.


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