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The Mobile Wing…

June 25, 2007

So, the inner geek in me does get a warm feeling from having something neat that no one else has.  I’m sure that’s what is drawing me to “upgrading” my 2001 R/T to a new, spiffy 2008 Infiniti G37, but that’s beside the point.

I few weeks ago, I was at the T-Mobile store when the new Wings were released.  In spite of the horrid names for these devices, I needed a device that was part PDA, part pager, part cell phone—all light and easy to carry around.  I am tired of multiple devices and I loathe Crackberries—their Java interface makes me want to shoot myself in the face.

The Mobile 6.0 interface is squeaky clean, applications load almost instantly, the microSD card is happy with the 2GB card I picked up from buy.com, the camera takes awesome (2MP) photographs, and even the phone quality is FAR better than my Razr. 

The worse part?  Synchronization.  Until recently (when the Vista update for ActiveSync was released), synchronizing to Vista and XP (Vista at home, XP at work) was a PITA.  I did manage a bit of salvation though—I stopped plugging the Wing into my computer to syncronize.  Yeah, I still plug it in to grab off photos, music, and such… but it’s FAR easier to use the built-in 802.11g wireless to syncronize—and it’s faster!

To set it up, on the mobile device:

  1. Associate the mobile device to your local WiFi access point.  802.11g/b seem to work great.
  2. Once it connects (through Connection Manager), open ActiveSync and start syncronizing. 
  3. It’ll work just like it’s plugged in or, even better, similar to how Outlook itself syncs.

Note: this only works if you’re running Exchange and have entered an Exchange or OWA server that can be accessed through the WiFi network.  Since our server names are the same, at work, it connects via our internal network and at home, it goes across the Internet and hits our OWA server.

It’s pretty cool to just get close to a building or home and always be syncronized.  If I had the T-Mobile Internet Package, I’m assuming I could hit the OWA server all the time—but 50.00$/month is a bit much.

Would I recommend a new Wing?  Yeah, sure would.  So far, I have zero complaints, concerns, or issues with the device or how it operates.  VERY pleased!

Oh, and to you iPhoners. 

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