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The zen of the jump drive.

June 28, 2007

Running back and forth with my laptop has increasingly gotten annoying because—it’s not my primary computer.  If I need to “work at home,” I’ve been booting up the laptop, syncronizing, shutting down and dragging it home and then repeating in reverse the next day when I get back.  It also forces me to use the laptop unless I want to continue to duplicate at home by coping files off to my desktop.


I tried using FolderShare… and that won’t work. It’s blocked here and I’ve been informed the chances of unblocking it rival those of skiing in Hell.  Stellar.  I guess that ranks up there with them thinking the CodingRobots (for BlogJet) is a pornographic site and refusing to unblock it.

So, I’ve started trying ot put EVERYTHING on my 4GB jump drive.

  • Omea’s data files.
  • My .NET projects
  • Various reference PDFs

And then more iffy applications like QueryEx, SQL Developer, Trillian, Console2, Deepburner, Foxit, NotePad++, Paint.Net, and Reflector.

To top it off, I created an autorun.inf file that popups Launchy first, so then I can just launch from there…

Cool Launchy tips for this?  Associate more odd extensions like .sln and .rdp.  For the VS solution files, I can type the name of the solution, like “KPR” or “webstorage” and up comes Orcas and the project.  For the RDP connections, have a folder of them that I tote around, so now I can use launchy to just type the name of the server and it launches that remote desktop file. 

The idea works well for anything that is based on the .NET framework—thus is somewhat always available. 

I only have a few issues so far:

  1. The jump drive letter changes and Launchy’s index can’t keep up—I’m still working on that one, but if I stick to the same couple of computers… I’ll just make sure that the drive keeps to the same letter.  Unfortunately, the ini file is in Binary, so any type of search/replace on entry editing is down.  Ideas out there?
  2. BlogJet.  I love this tool, but it stores blog and registration information in the registry (HKCR\Software\DiFolders Software\BlogJet); this information (since the codes are in plain text anyway) just needs to be moved into an XML so it’s portable.
  3. Omea Reader still cannot be run via jump drive—only the data files.  It, like BlogJet, writes registry information—which is a bit annoying since it’s now open source.  Hopefully some kind soul will take it and pump that information out and make it portable.
  4. I have to REMEMBER not to remove the jump drive when apps, like Trillian, are running. LOL

Before someone asks, I didn’t use SVS because my home PC and work PC are different architectures (x86 at work, x64 at home).  Since SVS still doesn’t support x64 Vista… that rules that out.  If and when SVS does support it, that’ll be a far better solution for the smaller applications—plug in and “install” in a few seconds.  Now, when the 1TB jump drives come out, maybe I can tackle putting Orcas into that mode.

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