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Work uncontrolled!

June 28, 2007

We had a discussion the other day regarding passion in your work and striving to be life-long learners—and whether or not that’s what you WANT for a career.  To some, constantly learning is what makes life.  I cannot fathom staginating and just doing the same thing everyday, I’d get twitchy and it’s be messy.  Others are more comfortable doing the same thing, every day.  And finally, those who fear doing something new, or even the same thing a different way.

I do admit though, I have things that I prefer to do everyday (besides just shower) because it’s routine, but there aren’t too many things I fear doing a new way… I tend to shake up my schedule, drive to work different ways, code different ways or such just to try new things and try to constantly learn new techniques.

Anyway, what brought this up was a dialog box that I laugh at from SourceSafe… just the wording, but none-the-less.  To me, “working uncontrolled” means, when approprate, going out and finding new, better, more exciting ways do “work”… not being tied down to the same thing.

Though, I’m sure Microsoft is just angry that I forgot to map my drives…

How does everyone else “work uncontrolled”?  Is the trade off for “learning” worth the cost spent (by developer) to learn something?  I’m quite lucky that our organization allows “learning on-the-job,” even though I spend a great deal of time at home researching, coding, and figuring things out for work…


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