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SPS2003 – Cannot Add To Site Directory? It’s a feature!

July 20, 2007

When trying to add a site to Site Directory (either manually or part of the Create Site routine), you click OK and it just does nothing.  By looking at Fiddler, it’s not so much it stops sending data, locks up, or anything—it just never TRIES.  After some digging, it’s a known “bug” with Microsoft: article #934229.  It’s caused by installing Windows Server 2003 SP2 to the box.  I wish someone would tell me when these things are applied… or, *gasp* use change controls.

The fix appears to be to bypass the InputButton control on the new site page and use simple JavaScript to submit the form.  The fix has been cataloged here from the newsgroups.

The summary of the proposed fix is to:

1. Open C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\TEMPLATE\[LCID]\SPSSITES\LISTS\SITESLST\NewForm.aspx.  LCID == your locale identifier, it’s 1033 for US English.

2. Modify the file’s code to use a JavaScript submission rather than the standard web controls provided by SPS2003.  What we’re changing is bolded.

Original Code:

<SPSWC:InputFormButtonSection runat=”server”>
<SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID=”ButtonOk” runat=”server”
<SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID=”ButtonCancel” runat=”server”
TextLocId=”Page_CancelButton_Text” visible=”false” />

Updated Code:

<SPSWC:InputFormButtonSection runat=”server”>
<input type=”button” value = “      OK       “ 
onClick=”document.forms[0].submit();” />

<!— Commented Out for Workaround
<SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID=”ButtonOk” runat=”server”

<SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID=”ButtonCancel” runat=”server”
TextLocId=”Page_CancelButton_Text” visible=”false” />

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.  Yes, the form submits, but custom fields, such as Category (we call it Building), does not submit—thus you have to go back into the directory, find your site, and manually edit it.  What a pain.

  1. Tom Mata
    August 30, 2007 at 6:21 am

    OK I have another work around, it is a bit cumbersome at first but it eliminates the need to modify the newform.aspx page. Here are the steps I did.

    First add the URL column to the manage sites view from the directory. To do this, from the manage sites view select edit in data sheet. After the “/Lists/Sites/ManageSites.Aspx?ShowInGrid=True&View=” in the URL select the view ID it will start with a % . Copy this and paste it into notepad.

    Next, from the actions menu select Customize List and from the URL select the list ID, it is located after “/_layouts/1033/listedit.aspx?List=” and copy this to notes pad. Make sure you make a note as to which is which.

    Finally, in the URL address put the following: From the after the Cx Area name put /_layouts/1033/ViewEdit.aspx?List=YOUR LIST ID GOES HERE View=YOUR VIEW ID GOES HERE

    Then hit enter this will take you to the edit mode of the view for managing lists. Add the URL column to the view and select OK.

    Create a site from the actions menu and enter the appropriate information, title URL information and email address. Select create. On the next page (the page that does nothing when OK is selected) copy the URL. Take that URL and paste it into the address bar and hit enter. This now takes you to the selection of the template. Complete the creation process.

    Return to the Site Directory and select Manage Sites. Now to add a listing by selecting edit in datasheet and add your entry.

    Note once you have added the URL column to the view for the area you will not have to repeat the first steps.

    Hope this helps.

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