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Wireless Confusion – Losing XP Connectivity

July 22, 2007

With our upcoming recarpeting, retiling, and general interruption of happiness in the house, I’m boxing up the desktops and placing them in our store room and falling back to my XPS M170 laptop for development and gaming.  Cool beans, it’s a solid workhorse of a machine.

There’s a wierd glitch though that I’ve never fixed.  Ever since I put in my Linksys WRT54GXv2 wireless router, I haven’t been able to see my Windows XP machines via Wireless.  If I plug in, I’m just fine—I can see the Vista machines and the XP machines.  If I go wireless, the wireless machines (both Vista and XP) can only see the other Vista machines and the XP machines (ala Servers) can see everything.  It’s the wierdest deal.

I can’t narrow it down that it’s Vista because I have an XP machine doing the same thing on Wireless.  I also have two matching PCMCIA NICs that go to this access point and they also cannot see the XP machines.  All the while, even when the Wireless machines are active, the Vista desktop and my XP “servers” can connect via Wireless just fine and access the laptops.

I’ve disabled all firewalls, all types of AV software (AVG), enabled Private networks on the Vista machines and the equal on the XP machines (Network Setup Wizard) and still no dice.  Postings on Linksys’ forums (now Cisco) have been utterly worthless—everything is blamed on Vista, even though I can see the Vista computers and it works perfectly if I plug in. Grr.

So yeah, anyone have any ideas? 😀  It’s not a big deal… I can plug in, sync, and work offline… and then plug-in to print (our printers are all network printers off the server).  But, damn that’s annoying! *twitch*



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