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Postal Inflation…

July 23, 2007

I don’t buy a lot of stamps, so I’m probably to blame for this, but I was hit by sticker shock last Friday.

I’ve had the same post office box for about ten years now, ever since I moved out to this small suburb and needed a sufficient mailing address for my consulting companies.  It’s the smallest you can get and started out at 14.00$/year.  That wasn’t too bad—a bit over a dollar per month.

It’s slowly grown, however, and rightfully so.  Postage has went up, costs have gone up (heck, it costs me more to DRIVE to the post office now!) and the price of the box has slowly made it’s way up to 24.00$, 28.00$, then 32.00$ last year.  But this year, the change was insane.

$52.00 for a small, 3×4” postal box.  What… the… heck!  4.33$/month just to RECEIVE mail that other people have paid to send me?!  Now, given, I’m probably a bit too accustomed to e-mail… in that it’s costs are given away by companies because it’s so easy to absorb, but… eesh.

So what will I do?  Will I rebel and not pay it and force everything (that isn’t already) to eBills?  No, probably not.  I’ll just do what everyone else is doing—suck it up, pay it, and accept it as a cost of life.  *shrug*  Though I’ll draw the line when I have to pay to park at the post office. 😀

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  1. MMF
    July 24, 2007 at 11:23 am

    You are not paying $4.33 to receive mail. You are renting space! Check out the cost of real estate! Also, the USPS is now required to provide additional security due to the terrorist (foreign or domestic) who mailed anthrax 5 years ago.

    Rant if you must, but rant about the right things. Or, stop using a PO Box and receive FREE delivery to your home like the rest of the country.

  2. July 24, 2007 at 11:49 am

    True; though not everywhere in the US recieves mail to their homes. 😀 Joys of living in the country. Many homes around me only have a PO box because there’s no mailing route out to the farmland areas. Those, of course, who cannot have postal delivery are eligibile for a free PO Box per regulation 4.2.1.

    Though, even that is on the line depending on how we move forward:

    “For example, [Gene Del Polito] suggested the possibility of requiring centralized delivery and allowing the consumer pay something extra to get actual delivery service to the door. ”

    As far as the real estate concern, that’s a good point that I hadn’t thought of; however, I thought the land that a post office resided on was federal land and not really effected by “real estate” costs. Have you found any sources disaggregating the “costs” of the postal system? I’d be interested in how the costs break down and how, if possible, our local city council can help.

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