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del.icio.us’ing my bookmarks

July 25, 2007

Lately, I’ve been extremely mobile—using an ultra-slim 2.5” USB hard drive and pair of 2GB jump drives (eventually, I’ll be less cheap and just buy a bigger USB hard drive) to manage my entire life.  Documents, projects, applications, virtual machines, everything.  The one draw back has been bookmarks.  I have… umm.. a lot of favorites—both at home and at work.  So, what’s my “mindless” morning task to get today started?  ORGANIZING THEM!

Blogs.  Those are easy.  Every blog link that either I’ve got and have been reading via the web or had forgotten and still appears to provide value is being added to my Omea list.  I love me some Omea. If and when Omea dies, I can export the OPML and keep going.  Good deal.  Also, Omea is my newsreader and does an AWESOME job with customized views and indexing.

Favorites. One of my ‘favorites’ directories had nearly 700 favorites.  How the HECK did I ever intend to find anything?  It was kind of like going through an old shoe box or file folder—and being in awe.  I found links to MSBeta (umm, pre-Connect for us old timers) sites for Windows 98.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, Windows 98.  Ahh, those were the days.  I was 16 at the time.  *laugh*.  So, after strolling down memory lane, I’ve added things of somewhat value to del.icio.us.  I had been HORRID about actually using this great, free service.  I can search, I can network, I can cross reference, I can have tag clouds (both on my Google home page and on here).  Good stuff.

So, now I can just hit up the web, filter or search for what I’m looking for or open up Omea and read today’s news and keep up on all the newsgroups I participate in—and I can do this from any computer (well, the last part requires Omea being there.. but yeah, you get the picture).


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