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Great SharePoint Adventure – Day 4 & 5

August 6, 2007

It took me a bit to recover from the weekend of house construction, but I wanted to finish summarizing the GSA class from last week.  The class ended on a few good highnotes—Workflow, Templates, Business Data Catalogs, and Security.  We didn’t go into a lot of detail regarding Office connectivity, but it’s all there.

The biggest challenge I’ll have ahead of me is trying to recreate our current SPS 2003 site with MOSS.  The basic “functionality” of a portal is still there, but hidden away being the Collaboration portal.  With the Collaboration portal, you gain the Site Directory, front page, and other features back.  The Publishing portal will be our next stop when we look at renovating CMS, but the architecture is extremely different (for the better, I hope).

Tip – List of valid TemplateId for WSS 3.0

When provisioning new templates, they each have Ids that are mysterious numbers like “101” that mean absolutely nothing if you’re not familiar with them.  After no answers in the GSA book, I found a list online.  It’s about half-way through this CodeProject post.

Further Reading – Managing using PowerShell

Everything we did managed through batch scripts, but being a PowerShell freak, I was interested in what I could do with PS to further enhance it.  We didn’t cover it in class, but I found the following:

  • SPSolutions Commands Addin
  • Presentation regarding SharePoint and using PowerShell for automation.
  • Final Note

    The class, overall, was good.  A bit difficult to grasp with so much information in so little time, but good none-the-less.  What I’d really be interested in is a hardcore, coder version of the class.  I recognize that the UI and wizards are great—and I can get a book to figure that out—but what all does the underlying architecture provide me without simply opening up the Object Browser and LOOKING.  What are the cool techniques to get the most customization out of the product.  Maybe eventually, once MOSS is highly available, these classes will become available.

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