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ActiveReports 3.0 Hotfix released!

August 21, 2007

DataDynamics ActiveReports 3.0 for .NET

DataDynamics released a hotfix for v3.0 of the ActiveReports product yesterday afternoon.  There’s 44 updates addressing various issues with SP2.  You can download the update here.

Also, either a side note or a huge *cheer*… I installed this version up and VS2008 Beta 2 recognizes reports and the designer opens without a hitch—and very speedy!  The only remaining issue is that the Name property is still unavailable (Label1 is forever Label1 unless you go into the Designer.cs and globally rename it).  The changes for VS2008 are not mentioned specifically in the “fixes” and may be a byproduct of one of the other.  In either case, thanks all!

[UPDATE 8/28/2007: Just did a clean install and used this version… and it apparently WASN’T the new version that fixed it.  GRR… now I gotta figure out what it was. ]

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