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Microsoft Research’s AJAX (JavaScript) Viewer

August 24, 2007

The Research team at Microsoft has come up with a neat little tool for really digging into and seeing how JavaScript is handled and performs.

How’s it work?  Load up the current prototype (read: very alpha… VERY alpha) ajax proxy; set your IE to use localhost:8888 as a proxy server, and browse to your development or public AJAX sites.  To view the log, browse to a fake url as noted in the documentation.

To download this tool, go here.

For documentation, and the “getting started guide”, go here.

Finally, there’s a note that the AJAXView tool is licensed for “academic and non-commercial use” (as specified by the IEBlog) at this time.  While I’m not sure exactly how you’d use a alpha prototype “monitor” in full commercial environment, the fine print is there for our enjoyment.


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