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Has online gaming spoiled me?

August 26, 2007

Having a bit of time this weekend, I opted to break out the PlayStation2 and game a bit.  It’s been ages since I’ve done much gaming at all besides occassionally logged into EQ2 or FFXI to say hi to people and to chat while I did homework. 

… and that lasted a good 10 minutes.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems natural that we’ve progressed to online, multi-player games.  Even the most basic games, like Checkers, requires more than one person—and a computer NPC just doesn’t do it for us me anymore.  I, atleast, enjoy the interaction with people too much. 

No matter how interesting the game, to just sit alone and play seems rather dull when most games and game systems today allow you to log in, interact or at least chat with other players, and such.  Unfortunately, since I use my computer for most of my gaming, I don’t have an XBox or PS3 and don’t have the little online connect for my PS2.  Since I play more RPG and strategy games (not into FPS games too much, I can walk through the streets of downtown if I desire that experience), there isn’t a lot out there for those platforms.  At least my PS2 still serves a purpose to play music CDs and DVDs when I’m in the mood.


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