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NVidia Hotfixes for Gaming Performance in Vista

September 2, 2007

Back on August 8th, Microsoft released KB 938194 and 938979 in anticipation of Vista Service Pack 1 (due out in January 2008). 

NVidia has posted up two additional hotfixes, one targeting SLI users (KB 936710) and one targeting low FPS and other issues with GeForce games (KB 940105).  You can find the full scoop from NVidia’s web site.

On top of all of this, they’ve also released the 163.44 beta drivers and updated the nForce drivers to 15.08 to resolve performance issues on the RAID and Network bus.

So far, everything’s installed and seems very stable.  If you’re having odd performance issues, give these a shot for EQ2, FFXI, or any of the games mentioned there on the NVidia web site.


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