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Java and DIY AJAX Class This Week

September 10, 2007

Sun Microsystems JavaThis week creates the summation of the past 5 weeks of our internal training that I’ve provided to our department.  We’ve covered the basics of OOP, C-esque languages like C# and Java (basics), some TDD, some web programming, some forms programming—just an introduction to development practices.

This week our entire department will be sitting a Java and DIY AJAX class using Java.  For me, it’ll be quite an experience—my JSP experience is kinda limited as the technology never really appealed to me (I’ve always been a MSFT guy).  I’m always up for a new technology and I’ve had the instructor we have scheduled—and he’s awesome.

For the rest of our staff, it will provide the basis for our they move forward since our primary student system is moving from an Oracle Forms environment to Oracle on JSP.

The cool and exciting things from the DIY AJAX class, I’ll spend some time and translate over to C# and post up.


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