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FFXI’s Wings of the Goddess vs. EQ2’s Rise of Kunark

September 23, 2007

Yagados in FFXI's Wings of the GoddessBetween theoretical time travel in FFXI to the rediscovery of a lost island in EQ2, November is shaping up to be an exciting month.  It’s also proving difficult to decide what to do with my online gaming. 

I’ve stepped away from EQ2 the past few months because the raiding situation was boring me to tears and, quite frankly, I couldn’t keep the schedule up while in my final grad school months.

I went back to FFXI and have really enjoyed myself.  I couldn’t get my original toon back so I started over and have been slowly and steadily leveling in my free time.  One of my biggest hates against EQ2 is that you’re locked into a class—if you start out as a paladin (God help you), you’re stuck unless you start over from the beginning. 

In FFXI, it’s REQUIRED that you level multiple jobs (because of subjobs) and if you get tired, you go home, change to something else, and go back out and kill stuff.  It’s great and really adds variety to the gaming experience.  If I get totally fed up with healing, I go home, change to a warrior or black mage, and resume the slaughter.  Good times.

New dragon race part of EQ2's Rise of KunarkSo, when November comes around, it looks like I have a choice to make.  Keep with FFXI, level up, and get back into the mix of raiding (with Ultima, I hope) or head back to EQ2 and pick up where I left off (Kunark is upping max level to 80 and adding more raid zones, but focuses more on new content because of the new dragon race).

For those interested, here’s a link to the new Wings of the Goddess streaming trailer.  The source is FAR faster than the original PlayOnline source.  The story line looks good, the area around Atomos looks sweet, I want whatever weaponskill the Red Mage did (the rose one), but the dancer job.. that scares me. 

Decisions, decisions.

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