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Failed WD Passport Drive and XP

September 25, 2007

Western Digital 250 GB Passport DriveSo, my life revolves around my portable USB drive.  I back it up, so I’m safe there—but that’s a total hassle because my backup is at HOME (and does me no good at work) and is only weeklyish (that’s changing).

So, the 250GB Western Digital Portable that I picked up a week ago… it’s toast.  The spindle won’t.. spin and it just sits and clunks at me.  I did manage to do the freezer trick (*laugh* I hadn’t done that in ages) and get it to come back once, and attempt to fix the disk.

Apparently Windows XP SP2 can’t run the GUI Scan Disk without a reboot because of locked files… and then you’re caught because it can’t scan the disk because the USB disks aren’t loaded yet.  GAH.

But, old reliable command prompt to the rescue.

chkdsk /f driveletter:

It’ll ask you to unmount the volume before you start—something Windows can’t see to do in the GUI.  Annoying.  The command line chkdsk found a LOT wrong, fixed what it could, and remounted the drive.

So, I’m slowly using TeraCopy to CRC copy everything to another drive… as I listen to the catches in the drive and cry.  If I can get my projects off the drive (from what I’ve updated the past couple days) and my homework assignment due on Thrusday, I’ll be happy(-ier).

The cool part?  Western Digital’s warranty service rocks—there’s a new drive enroute.  Place the old in the box and ship it back.

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