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Portable Blogjet!

September 28, 2007

BlogJet from Coding Robots is simply brilliant.  I love it as a blogging tool despite the horrid way it handles code—I can copy and paste from Word with the best of them to get around this.   One of my biggest angsts has been making it portable.  I simply don’t want to maintain a list of ping sites and settings at work, at home, and abroad.  I also want to be able to blog ANYWHERE, as long as I can plug my jump drive in.

Recently, Dmitry posted up an “unofficial hack” to get BlogJet portabalized on the Coding Robots forums.

The forum post explains two of the three steps:

  1. Copy your BlogJet installation to your portable device.  This is usually located at C:\Program Files\BlogJet.
  2. Copy your settings files into that same directory.  These are at C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\DiFolders Software\BlogJet. 
  1. There should be six or seven files in here. 
  2. Remember, copy them into the same directory as your portable BlogJet installation.

Now, here’s the kicker to remember—you lost your settings.  The first time you run your portable BlogJet installation, you’ll need to reregister it and reconfigure the settings.  You’ll be able to verify these settings by examining the settings.ini file (and be careful where your jump drive goes, it’s clear text).

The pitfall?  Currently, as the forum post states, spell check isn’t supported on portable installations.  *cry*


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