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Swamped, but appreciating unit tests…

October 1, 2007

The past three weeks have been almost mindnumbing between work and school.  I’ve had a few points that I honestly haven’t been sure whether to focus on school work (since I graduate in a few weeks) or work work (since employment is a good thing).

Beyond that, I finished some major revisions this morning to a series of common libraries I use at work.  Various domain objects and such that simplify common application creation.  Today provided an awesome for other “non believers” to see the advantages to unit tests in preventing regression errors and simply that green glowy sense of goodness when you compile, test, and everything’s happy—without changing the tests.  Also, the library is in Visual Studio 2008 using their new test environment.  It’s a bit too “Team System”-ish for my liking, but it’s nice and quick.  I miss the dual panes of nUnit though.

I’ve got a few posts drafted up and hope to get those posted up tomorrow.


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