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Whoops… wrong button.

October 18, 2007

So, browsing the new themes after seven hours of class, being sick all day, and sleep deprived… not a good thing.   Meaning, I clicked and accidently applied the empty theme…

I’ll fix it tomorrow… when I awaken from my coma. 🙂

[update: Please watch for falling CSS… editing in progress.  Thank you. ]

[update: Okay, old theme back, but fonts, font-sizes, spacing, and some of the widgets are updated a bit.  I ❤ the Segoe UI and Consolas fonts in Office 2007 and Vista, so that will show up as the primary font now. If you don’t, it should degrade quite nicely to Tahoma.  If you find any oddities, email me and let me know.]

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