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Keeping up the Scholary Activities…

November 4, 2007

FFXI’s Wings of the Goddess expansion comes out November 20th and should activate the Friday after Thanksgiving.  With the expansion, they’ve announced two new jobs so far—Dancer and Scholar.

Now, Dancer.  Yeah, no.  They released what the males look like (given this is a Hume, but the awkward Elvaan that I am would be worse).  As you can see below, they even come with their own fairy dust. 

A dancer...

But, in honor of finishing grad school—I’m honestly thinking of trying out Scholar.  Cool professor hat, glasses, and all… supposedly they can control the weather and use both white and black magic—like my Red Mage.


If nothing else, it’ll be something different for a change of pace and hopefully cheaper than Corsair that I was thinking about leveling up.  I’m still holding out for Geomancer, but it doesn’t look like that’ll be coming true. 😦


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