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EQ2 Rise of Kunark — first impressions

November 17, 2007

 The latest EverQuest II expansion, Rise of Kunark, has been out for a few days now and seems, if nothing else, pretty.  While I’m playing FFXI again, I had to load it up and see what the new zones, mobs, and such looked like.

After finding my way there (Thanks, Geoff…), I found the new zone I entered, Kylong Plains, is freaking huge.  The new gnoll creatures, wyverns, and Iksar cousins litter the huge expanse of the plains.

 I also wandered into Karnor’s Castle, home of the gnoll creatures (probably other things too, the level 74^^^ mobs wandering past as I entered motivated me for  a quick escape).  The castle is beautifully designed and the rain surrounding the castle is sweet.

Here’s a few more shots.

 Fighting a spider-like creature for a few quests.

 A few of the new gnolls; beautifully designed and detail.

 Up close of one of the fighter type gnolls.  They don’t like being Thunderbolt’ed.


Will I be going back?  Ehh, probably not.  I’m very happy with Final Fantasy XI right now; it’s nice to be back among friends, to have the ability to raid when I want to and not when I’m absolutely exhausted and not have to worry about points and such (at least at the moment, I may join one of the schedules eventually).  Most of all, 

I like how FFXI is character-based, not job-based.  In FFXI, I look forward to trying out the two new jobs (well, Scholar at least) without worrying about starting over from scratch–that drove me insane in EQ2, especially with three level 70 characters.

As far as performance, no real big changes–still works like a champ on Vista and ran pretty nice–even those large zones on Extreme Quality.  I’m not sure if SOE has changed their engines at all, but it actually seemed a bit faster than I remember.

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  1. Harakiri
    November 19, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    What kinda Hardware config do you have ?

    Because every user seems to report that the performance droped ALOT with Kunark.

    I have an opteron185@3ghz, 8800GTS 640MB and 2GB Ram – let me tell you that even on extreme PERFORMANCE (not quality) i only get between 30-40fps – i used to get that on very high.

    It is beyond me how you get smooth frame rates on extreme quality

  2. November 19, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    Here’s the specs for my primary desktop machine:

    Dell 720 H2C Main System w/:
    Core 2 X6800 (overclocked from 2.93Ghz to 3.73GHz)
    4GB RAM
    8800 GTX (non SLI, I have them broke with one card per monitor so I can multitask/box).
    4x15k RPM hard drives, striped RAID 0

    I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate x64 (64-bit) with 4GB of ReadyBoost memory (4GB SanDisk micro Cruzer).

    Performance is excellent everywhere so far… I used to raid Emerald Halls in Very High Quality to capture screenshots quickly. Wandering through the new areas–I’ve never ran into any performance issues.

    The FFXI update today allows that game to be windowed (freaking finally)–I’m interested to see if I can run EQ2 on one GPU and FFXI on the other GPU without lag.

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