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Silverlight 1.1 Tools for VS2008 Available

November 27, 2007

The Visual Web Developer team is on the ball and pushed out the bits for the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha add-in for Visual Studio 2008 RTM. 

Also, according to ScottGu, the “next public preview of Silverlight will include a ton of new runtime features, as well as a significantly enhanced VS 2008 tooling support.  I’ll be blogging more details about this shortly.”  Excellent.

Features for this add-in release are:

  • VB and C# project templates for Silverlight 1.1 development
  • Website item templates for Silverlight 1.0 development with javascript
  • XAML markup editing with colorization and intellisense
  • Intellisense against XAML elements in VB and C# code-behind files
  • Consumption of Silverlight 1.1 components inside Web Application and Website projects
  • Ability to create Web Services references in a VB and C# Silverlight component
  • Project compatibility with Expression Blend to enable developers and designers to collaborate on Silverlight projects
  • Very cool!

    You can download the toolkit here or read more about the release on the VWD Team’s blog here.  Also, if you don’t have the 1.1 Alpha installed, you can get it here for Windows or here for the Macintosh.  These are the September Refresh installations and are still in Alpha, so keep them in your testing environments.


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