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Shrinkster.com is back thanks to DNR!

November 29, 2007

Shrinkster.com is a sweet web site that allows you to throw a REALLY long URL to it and it’ll transform it to a three character, alphanumeric key, like http://shrinkster.com/slu (quick one I made for this blog).  The service went down a few months ago due to issues with the prior maintainers of the site.

Well, it’s back!

Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell, and everyone at DotNetRocks has taken over Shrinkster.com, cleaned up the redirector functionality, and are still providing it for free.

Now, what would be cool (read: something I’m dinking with) would be an add-in for Internet Explorer that adds a bar that has a “convert to Shrinkster” button that takes the current URL and registers it to Shrinkster and dumps out the URL. 🙂  I’m lazy, yes, I know.

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