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A word of warning… your domain is your life!

January 14, 2008

Thankfully, our domain names and registrations don’t fall under my “responsibilities,” so I’m still employed.  Others may not be so lucky by the end of the day.

I noticed early this morning—I couldn’t access OWA (Outlook Web Access).  After 10–15 minutes of 404 errors, I gave up and came into work.  When I got into the office, it appeared that all external services were down.  Our public web presence, Lyris server, all external applications facing our customers, VPN services, the works.

After three hours of watching people running around like headless chickens, the truth came out.

No one paid our domain renewal bill—our domain expired.  😀

I’m assuming that the problem is fixed by now and replication is taking it’s course—but the flood of customer complaints, city advocates calling wondering what’s going on and why we’re “for sale,” and the entire enterprise wondering why external email isn’t working is keeping our Customer Service department hopping.

So, a word of warning—when your registrar sends you the 30 day notice, don’t DELETE it. It’s important and your job SHOULD count on it.

Ahh, Happy Monday.

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