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Give it a minute, the weather will change…

January 28, 2008

Okay, it seems pointless to blog the “weather”… but the people I game with and chat with from around the world think the jokes about Kansas weather are just that—jokes.

Kansas Weather

So, today (28 jan 08)… it’s going to be 70 F.  That’s spring time weather, maybe even early summer, when you tend to leave the jacket at home.  Then, since it’s Kansas, you’ll note the 25–35mph winds (local forecasts show up to 50mph in the rural areas). That may seem almost storm-like, but it’s pretty normal here. I don’t even want to discuss the little marks on my new car’s paint.

But… our HIGH tomorrow is our low tonight… with SNOW.

Seriously, give it a minute and it’ll change.


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