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ReSharper 4.0 missing .NET 3.5 support?

January 29, 2008

CoderIn my daily check of the jetbrains.resharper.eap newsgroup, my hopes of a January release of 4.0 EAP continues to dwindle—I mean, there’s only a couple more days left in the month.  I hit up the EAP section on JetBrains’ website and found that a 4.0 Roadmap was posted back on 8 January 08, but it’s lacking something kind of important.

Support for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

Don’t we have this now?

Comprehensive support for C# 3.0 language features, including:

  • New code analysis, context actions and quick-fixes
  • New refactorings (such as Convert to Extension Method, Convert to Automatic Property, Convert Anonymous Type to Named)
  • Updated IntelliSense

Again, I thought 3.0 support (XAML, etc) was supported in 3.1.  Automatic Property support will be really nice.  Convert to Extension Method should be interesting.  Does this mean full support for WCF, WF, and WPF?

Many more intelligence and productivity features

  • Full set of refactorings available for VB.NET
  • New quickfixes and context actions for XAML files
  • Referenced assemblies are now taken into account in null-reference analysis thanks to external annotations. ReSharper is packaged with annotations for the .NET Framework assemblies
  • Code Cleanup — a tool for ensuring compliance with code guidelines and enhancing code structure
  • Complete Statement — a feature that will complete language constructs and get you ready to write the next statement
  • Many other enhancements and new features throughout the product.

Code Cleanup looks appealing as does Complete Statement, though I’m wondering how processor intensive they’ll be (working up permutations, etc).

So, what’s missing?

There’s no mention of .NET 3.5 support beyond the extension methods and automatic properties.

Nothing about LINQ, Lambda expressions, true 64–bit client support (ReSharper is a 32–bit app right now—I can dream, can’t I?), or AJAX or CSS refactoring.   Nothing talking about the newest .NET web development technologies like MVC.

I realize they can’t keep up to the SECOND with everything (though that does speak to a more worthwhile partnership between Microsoft and JetBrains for the end users like myself), but 2008’s been RTM since November and, quite honestly, I haven’t used ReSharper since.  I spend too much time with the newer technologies that I found I was wasting time by fighting ReSharper.  Does it annoy me?  Hell yes.  Am I looking for a replacement tool? Yeah, but CodeRush’s “pretty arrows” annoy the crap out of me, so I’m just using macros and built-in refactoring in VS2008.

So… JetBrains—where’s our full 3.5 support and when can we start beating the pavement with the bits?

UPDATE 30 January 2008: From the EAP newsgroup today:


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