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Custom Searches in Internet Explorer 7.0

January 30, 2008

I do quite a bit of “Googling” and searching in general throughout my day.  One of the coolest features that not many seem to use is IE 7.0’s ability to create custom searches in the search bar.

Several sites, like WikiPedia, are setup to automatically offer a search engine provider using an OpenSearch provider.

Wikipedia Search Provider

Some sites, however, do not have a provider pre-configured.  This blog, for example, doesn’t (yet).  I can, however, add a custom provider.  Here’s how:

1. Do a search using the search provider you wish to add with the words TEST.

2. Copy/paste the generated “TEST” url.  For this blog, it looks like:


3. In the search bar drop down, click “Find More Providers…”

4. Enter the URL and a friendly name in the “Create Your Own” box.

Create Your Own

5. Click the “Install” button and then “Add Provider”.

Now, when we look at our available providers, we see this blog listed.

blog.tiredstudent.com search engine.

Do a search now, for something like “facebook” and all posts I’ve written with facebook in them will appear.

You can do this with most any on-site search engine or forum software.  Here’s a few I’ve added:

  1. www.whois.net for looking up domain registration information
  2. www.ffxiah.com for looking up FFXI auction information
  3. Wikipedia (built-in) for all purpose anythings
  4. FFXI and EQ2 Wikia (built-in) for quick access to items/quests
  5. www.eq2llinks.com for EQ2 items and information
  6. Gmail for quick access to emails


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