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Greg’sNotes – Greg Dean’s Real Life @ Lulu.com

January 30, 2008

Greg's Notes Edition of Real Life Comics

I’ve been reading Real Life for… I’m not real sure, six years maybe?  It’s a semi-autobiographic comic about Greg’s… uhh, real life.  A few weeks ago, Greg put out the Greg’s Notes Edition of Real Life Comics

Mine arrived last night in the mail, packaged like it came from Ft. Knox with a HUGE box, cardboard padding, extra padding envelope, and shrinkwrap to hold it in place.

I must say, after reading it in mostly one sitting, it’s great.  It was cool to re-read comics from ages ago and see the progression (the big picture is sometimes lost reading it day-to-day).  The point in which Greg “stopped” at the end of the book was also perfect and made this book a real “chapter” in his and Liz’s lives (I expect more chapters in the future ;)).

So, even if you’ve never read Real Life and have any interest in gaming, computers, or life in general, give it a read and head over to the comic strip itself. 


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